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Import a Vehicle (importer un véhicule) Quickly Into France




When about to ship your vehicle (import véhicule étranger) over to France from the United Kingdom you initially need to decide however long you're reaching to be keeping your vehicle at intervals the country once it's arrived. This is often as a result of the length of your time that your vehicle stays at intervals France determines the number of entry fees and documentation you'll need.


Out of the doable 2 classes for length of your time your vehicle are staying in France we are going to be viewing Temporary Importation, this feature permits you to import your vehicle (importer unevoiture) into France for a amount of up to 6 months per annum, this point are often used consecutively or not it's entirely up to you. However you are doing ought to certify that your vehicle is exported back out of the country, otherwise you have it hold on by the countries customs before the tip of the six months.


When you square measure commerce your vehicle into France for temporary use, from another member of the EU states you'll be able to import your vehicle (importation d'un véhicule) with zero excise duty or VAT, however bear in mind this is often solely on the market if the vehicle still has its EU range plates and registration documents from the country of shipping.


In some instances you will be able to keep your vehicle at intervals France on its foreign plates and registration for a extended amount than the first six months, this is often doable if:


•             You square measure a student World Health Organization is finding out at intervals France, within which case you'll tend permission to use the vehicle throughout your keep in France completely for your studies.


•             You are appointed with a task that encompasses a mounted length exceptional six months, within which case you will be allowed to use the vehicle throughout your keep in France completely for the fulfilment of your task.


•             You have transferred your traditional residence from another country to France, and you are aiming to apply for relief of the vehicle.


Once your vehicle has found France you'll be needed to get a C104O kind which is able to act as your vehicles temporary import foreign vehicle gray card (carte grise véhicule étranger). will} then ought to be unbroken with you in the least times whereas you are at intervals the country because it can usually be needed by customs or the police throughout some time at intervals France, it's additionally needed that this document is conferred to the customs once your vehicle is effort the country. To read more visit


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